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“Don’t Hate Me Because I am Beautiful.” (Forbes Article)

I remember well those words spoken in a Pantene shampoo commercial back in the 1980’s. The attractive woman with the fabulous hair looked right into the camera and made the plea “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.” That phrase became front and center once again earlier this year when UK columnist Samantha Brick wrote

The “Man Cold”

This week my husband came down with a horrible sinus cold, which he then managed to pass on to me and my daughter.  Fabulous!  So this week all three of us are suffering from sinus colds, however, it is absolutely incredible to see the difference in how each of us manages to cope with it.  Ashley

Funniest Christmas Present Ever

For Christmas today my daughter Ashley made a home video to send to her brother Dalton who is serving a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Mississippi and therefore he couldn’t be home with us this year.  She started making this video prior to her ACL surgery and she

Merry Christmas to All!

This will be my last blog I write before Christmas as I will be taking Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off next week, and so I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!  I truly hope all of you have the most amazing Christmas ever, full of love,

Tis the Month Before Christmas

 Tis The Month Before Christmas Tis the month before Christmas, we’re all going nuts; With so much to do, there’s no ifs, ands or buts. Buy presents, hang tree lights, pop cards in the mail, Send gift packs, thread popcorn, find turkeys on sale. Decorations need stringing up all through the house. And you haven’t

Thank Heaven For Little Girls!

As all of you who follow my blog know, today my daughter had surgery to repair her ACL.  We had to wake up at 4:30am to be to surgery by 6am.  And unfortunately we were up until 1:30am the night before hanging out with my husband’s parents who had been staying with us.  Side note,

“Want to go to Hell over a Candy Bar?” (Forbes Article)

Just about every parent has had to deal with that moment when their child steals their first candy bar or pack of gum from the supermarket check-out line. First they experience the initial shock and horror that comes from the realization that their child is not perfect, then comes the embarrassment and shame. Typically this

Save the Date for REES Capital’s Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting!

January 4th will be the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for the new REES (Recognizing and Empowering Entrepreneurial Success) Capital offices!  We are very appreciative that the Governor of Utah himself will be coming to do the official ribbon cutting with us, along with many other dignitaries.  We are honored that they will join us

“Judging a Person Does Not Define Who They Are, It Defines Who You Are.”

Judging other people – Everyone is guilty of it as some point or another.  Many times it happens in small subconscious ways where we find ourselves judging someone without even realizing it.   Many times judgments are made based on a person’s appearance, an outfit, a car they drive, the job they do, or the house

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Snow mixed with wet wind = I’m FREEZING!  I have to say that I am not much of a snow girl only because I just can’t stand to be cold.  My husband and I have a constant battle over the temperature in our house – I want the temperature turned WAY up and my husband wants it turned way down…brrrrr…  Heat

Decide in Advance To Do the Right Thing (Forbes Article)

It is imperative that we decide in advance to do the right thing.  When circumstances present themselves in the heat of the moment, we must already know what our response is going to be. As I turned on NBC’s TODAY show to watch the morning news, I was horrified to hear about the man who was

And the Christmas Countdown has Officially Begun!

Only 21 days until Christmas!  It is hard to believe.  This time of year is my very favorite, yet it seems to fly by so quickly each year that I barely am able to appreciate and take in the Christmas spirit.  I am beginning to realize that the only way to take control of ENJOYING


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