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Funniest Christmas Present Ever

For Christmas today my daughter Ashley made a home video to send to her brother Dalton who is serving a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Mississippi and therefore he couldn’t be home with us this year.  She started making this video prior to her ACL surgery and she had to finish it from her hospital bed after her surgery.  She filmed and edited the entire thing herself.  She even inserted a clip that she and her brother taped right before he left earlier this year.  When I saw her video I literally had no words…I could only laugh….and laugh…and laugh…

Before I insert the link to the video I will just all of you know that we were able to talk to Dalton today over Skype from his mission and it was literally the happiest call of our lives!!!  It was our best Christmas present ever to see him.  He is doing well and he is healthy and happy and he says to send his best wishes to all of our friends out there reading this.  Our family loves you all and hopes you had a very Merry Christmas today!

Here is the link to watch Ashley’s video….so funny…..

Ashley’s Christmas Video to Dalton


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