All It Takes Is One Day To Change Everything

It was 12 years ago today…my friend Steve and I pulled into the parking lot of a shopping complex to meet up with two guys driving down in a second car that were going to follow our car down to Lake Powell for a houseboat trip.  When the other car pulled in an the man in the passenger seat of the other car looked out his window and smiled at me I never would have imagined how that man was about to change my entire life.

Driving down to Lake Powell both our cars stopped for some lunch at a Subway restaurant.  While we stood in line to get our sandwiches ordered I introduced myself to the two men in that other car. The man driving the car said, “Don’t you remember me? I took you to lunch a few months ago?” I was obviously embarrassed to admit that I didn’t remember…the man who was the passenger in his car smiled at me from behind him with a smile as if to say “you are so busted!” To save me from me the awkwardness he stepped forward and said, “Hi, I’m Rollin”.  His gorgeous blue eyes and cute little smile lines around his eyes caught my attention big time….and just like that my world was forever changed…

Two months later Rollin was down on one knew proposing to me and two months after that we were married. And here it is twelve years later from that very day we first met….  It’s crazy that the day before that I would never have imagined how drastically my life was about to change in the course of just a day.  Even that very morning when I got out of bed I never imagined what that day would bring…

All it takes is one day! One day can change everything! And you never know when you climb out of bed if today is going to be that day….because it just might! 

Have a great Labor Day Holiday Weekend everyone!  I’ll be back to blog again next Tuesday.  In the meantime – have a blast y’all!

Rollin and Amy Rees Anderson

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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  • Debbie Beck says:

    Hey congrats Amy and Rolin. What a tender story! Wish I g you many more “one day” e periences. Still need to get together. Can’t believe our lives are that crazy we can’t find “one day”.

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