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All You Need To Know About Life You Can Learn From A Leprechaun

Top of the Mornin’ To Ya! Well, actually I’m writing this at night, but I have no idea what the proper Irish greeting is for evening time so Top of the Mornin’ anyway 🙂   I love listening to an Irish accent – everything just sounds so much better when its said with an Irish accent, don’t ya think?!  My husband Rollin actually lived in Ireland once and I seriously love it when he will imitate an Irish accent…its just so darn sexy!  I told him I think he should talk with that accent all weekend long in honor of St. Patrick’s Day as I’m fairly certain it will bring good luck 😉

I hope your St. Patty’s weekend is full of laughter and luck and love, and here is a little food for thought as you celebrate:

All You Need to Know About Life You Can Learn from a Leprechaun

Life is too short for long faces.
When you’re happy — sing.
When you’re sad –sing louder!
Expect magic to happen, and it will.
If you can’t find a rainbow, paint your own.
The word “impossible” is NOT an Irish word.

Never walk so tall that you can’t see the “wee folk.”
If you’re feeling blue, wear lots of green
and think hopeful thoughts.
No one ever outgrows the need for warm hugs,
special dreams, or a wee bit of mischief.
Quit trying to catch a leprechaun,
and just BE one!”

Love that!  I hope you all paint your own rainbows this weekend, wear lots of green, and have a wee bit of mischief 😉

~Amy Rees Anderson

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