American Gnuity: Think Shark Tank meets American Idol

American Gnuity:  Think of it as American Idol meets Shark Tank – this is the new Television Series that begins filming THIS VERY WEEK and the first city for company auditions is none other that Salt Lake City, Utah!  Next the show goes to Austin, Texas, then Nashville, Tennessee and then to Washington D.C. to hold auditions where companies can come and pitch their business to a panel of 3 judges and guess what?! –  I have been asked to be one of the 3 judges for this new TV show 🙂 .  Filming for the series begins this Friday and Saturday in Salt Lake for the first set of auditions and then we fly to each of the other cities to see contestants around the country.

So here is a little more about the new show: Each season has three phases – here is the explanation from the website to help explain how the show works:

Phase 1. The Pitch

In this phase, innovative entrepreneurs pitch their ideas at one of our four regional live events. If the screeners like the audition, contestants will be passed on to the show’s judges who will either invite the contestants to compete on the show or ask the contestants to keep trying online. As many as ten of the top online competitors will also get invited to the next round.

Those entrepreneurs who the judges deem to have the best potential will receive economic support provided by American Gnuity to help them launch their campaigns on our online platform. It is recommended that each project have only one or two representatives participate in making the pitch (if selected for the next phase, Gnuity will only bring one entrepreneur per company to compete in the accelerator phase of the series).

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to invite their friends, family and social contacts to contribute to and invest in their projects. The more money that is contributed and invested, the better chance contestants have of getting on and staying on the show.

All of the first four episodes will be live “roadshow” events showing the interviews, auditions and the selection process. The fifth show will be a recap of the regional event winners as well as an introduction of any qualifying online contestants. At the end of this show, the pool of applicants will be narrowed down to 20 contestants/businesses – all of whom will be invited to participate in the next phase of the competition (which constitutes the remaining eight episodes). All decisions of the American Gnuity production team are final.

Phase 2. The Popularity and Prestige

By the sixth episode, the final 20 contestants will be working with our exclusive business acceleration team and the show’s coaches/judges to improve the quality of their businesses while increasing the number of contributors and investment capital into their projects. The decision of whether or not they will move on to the next episode is based on how well they manage to increase their valuation, the judges’ scores, online voting and other factors. Each week fewer contestants will remain on the show.

During these episodes, each project will be closely analyzed and each entrepreneur will be given various challenges to overcome. They will be encouraged and mentored by our professional team of business accelerators and judges.

Phase 3. The Prize


If you have a great company and want to register to be on the TV show go to – but do it fast!

Fun stuff!  I love what this could do to help entrepreneurs around the country!  Love it!



  • Mark Hester says:

    Amy I love you and your family. You are so precious to Sherrie and me. We will be watching.Bring it home!

  • Katie says:

    I had not heard of this before your post. I am so glad you did! It sounds like a great idea and oopportunity! I hope you enjoy your time with it. 🙂

    Side note – the magician in the comercial is my uncle. LOL It’s a small world sometimes.

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