Back in the Saddle – 2021’s Wild Ride Has Officially Begun!

Taking the last few weeks off from everything – no checking emails, no taking phone calls, no watching any news stations, no wearing pants with zippers – has been absolutely fabulous. I literally unplugged and decided I wasn’t going to let myself think about anything so I could be in the moment with my family the entire holiday break, and it was genuinely awesome!

But when the alarm went off at 6:30am this morning, letting me know the holiday break was now over…it was BRUTAL!!!  I honestly didn’t want to go back to regular life again with its back to back meetings, phone calls, emails, and appointments…none of those things are nearly as fun as playing with my family is…but I knew I had no choice but to cowboy up again and jump in that saddle and go to appointments and meetings today which finished just in time for me to babysit my two grandkids tonight so their parents could do a date night. Then by the time they got home there was just no way I was about to open my email box for the first time in two weeks this late at night…cause I know it’d cause me nightmares all night tonight once I saw the ridiculously high the number of unread emails that’ve piled up during the holiday break! Just thinking about it is scary enough for one day, so facing that monster will have to wait until tomorrow.

It’s probably wise to start 2021 off at a walk rather than a trot or a run.  After all, we can’t be wearing ourselves at the very beginning of this 2021 ride – we gotta pace ourselves – cause I have a feeling we’re gonna need to preserve some energy to make it through the wild ride we have ahead of us this year.  


~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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