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As I shared in my Thursday night blog, this weekend I have been watching the Semi-Annual General Conference broadcast with its incredibly uplifting and motivating speakers on a myriad of topics. I’ve watched the first 8 hours already and I have 2 more hours left to watch that start momentarily. But I have been so incredibly touched and inspired by the talks I’ve heard already that I couldn’t hold back from posting today’s blog because I’ve already got such a long list of inspiring quotes I’ve written down so far that I’ll never fit them all in one blog. So I’m just going to pick a few of my favorites thus far and share those with you and if any of these quotes speak to your heart like they did to mine I would invite you to click the links at the bottom of this blog and go watch or read the talks they came from. I am a better person for having heard these talks:

Sister Sharon Eubank’s talk quotes:

“When expectations overwhelm us, we can step back and ask Heavenly Father what to let go of. Part of our life experience is learning what not to do.”

“When tragedies overtake us, when life hurts so much that we can’t breathe, when we’ve taken a beating like the man on the road to Jericho and been left for dead, Jesus comes along and He pours oil into our wounds, He lifts us tenderly up, He takes us to an inn, He looks after us.”

“One of the fundamental needs we have in order to grow is to stay connected to the source of light – Jesus Christ. He is the source of our power, the Light and Life of the world.”

“I testify you are beloved. The Lord knows how hard you are trying. You are making progress. Keep going. … Your work is not in vain. You are not alone.”

“The family that prays together is together, even when they are far apart.” – President Henry B. Eyring

“We can rationalize all we want, but the fact is, there is not a right way to do the wrong thing.” – Sister Becky Craven

“Take an inventory of how you spend your time and where you devote your energy. That will tell you where your heart is.” – President Russell M. Nelson

“None of us are perfect. Sometimes we get stuck. We get distracted or discouraged. We stumble. But if we look to Jesus Christ with a repentant heart He will lift us up, cleanse us from sin, forgive us and heal our hearts.”  -Elder Kim B. Clark

President Dallin H. Oaks talk quotes:

 “We make countless choices in life, some large and some seemingly small. Looking back, we can see what a great difference some of our choices made in our lives. We make better choices/decisions if we look at the alternatives and ponder where they will lead.”

“Our present and our future will be happier if we are always conscious of the future… As we make current decisions, we should always be asking, ‘Where will this lead?’”

“Most importantly, each of us is a child of God with a potential destiny of eternal life.  Every other label, even including occupation, race, physical characteristics or honors, is temporary or trivial in eternal terms. Don’t choose to label yourselves or think of yourselves in terms that put a limit on a goal for which you might strive.”

 “God will uphold and bless you as you turn to Him. You can do it. You are an all-star in His eyes.” – Elder Gary E. Stevenson

“…Join the Great Physician [God] in His never-ending task of lifting the load from those who are burdened and relieving the pain of those who are distraught.” – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“The best teacher is a good role model.” – Elder Soares

“Put yourself in a position to begin having experiences with Him, God. Humble yourself. …Ask Him to tell you if He is really there – if He knows you. Ask Him how He feels about you. And then, listen.” – Russell M. Nelson

All I can say so far is WOW! Just WOW!  And those are just a few of the inspiring messages from the talks so far. I’m so excited there are still two more hours left!  You see,, I’ve watched these semi-annual General Conferences every six months for my entire life, and I can honestly tell you that the principles these leaders have taught me over the years have been and continue to be the biggest contributing factor to my success.

If you’d like to view the talks you can watch them online here

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Lea Huff says:

    You are a wonderful missionary, Amy. Thank you for being bold like Paul of old! one of sisters in your mothers Monday morning scripture group. My husband and I served a mission in Ghana 04-06 and lived in the villages with the people.You inspire me each week with your blog. Thank you.

  • Terry McEwen says:

    These are really great quotes that you picked out

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