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The Good OCD: Organization and Cleanliness equals a peaceful Disposition

For the last five months my husband and I have been helping redo a house for my son and his wife to move into before their next baby is due to arrive. Going into the project we didn’t think there would be that much to redo, but the further we dug in, the more we ended up having to fix and we ultimately ended up doing pretty much an entire redo of everything to the point it doesn’t even feel like the same house anymore. 

As the months went on of working in chaos with tools everywhere, things all torn apart throughout the house, with piles of wood here and light fixtures there. The worse the mess became the more grumpy we all felt when we were over there working.  There was just no sense of order.

But as we are nearing the completion of the remodel and we are finally able to throw things away, get rid of the messes, and clean and organize things, there is this feeling of peace in the home and everyone’s disposition has improved tremendously. 

Organization and cleanliness bring such a great feeling of peace. A clean space always makes it easier to focus and it allows us to accomplish much more. Free yourself from all the chaos by having the good OCD – Organization and Cleanliness…then bask in your peaceful Disposition…

Here are some fun pics of the remodeled we’ve been doing for them:

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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