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The Power of Film – Sundance Film Festival 2015 Has Begun!

Tonight was opening night for Sundance Film Festival! The next ten days will be action packed with amazing movies, movie stars everywhere, speaker panels, and of course incredible parties. The streets of Park City, Utah will be packed with over 45,000 people who come to Sundance to enjoy the festivities each year. I serve on the Utah Advisory Board of Sundance and as such my husband and I participate in most of the activities throughout the festival. It is exciting, and action packed, and exhausting all at the same time.

Tonight was the big opener and the famous Artist At The Table event in which each table at the dinner hosts an artist that is either an actor, a director, a writer, etc. We all go to the opening film together where Robert Redford kicks off the first film. Tonight’s film was about famous Jazz singer and piano player Nina Simone. It was a great documentary of her life that shared her story in an honest and engaging way. I love the documentaries at Sundance. Each one I watch always teaches me things I didn’t know and it opens my perspective to this big world we live in in ways that you don’t experience in the normal routine of life. Following the movie the incredible John Legend came on stage and performed at a grand piano for us. He is an incredible talent. Then it was back for dinner at Stein Erickson lodge with the artists. All in all it was a good beginning to what will certainly be an amazing festival.

For those around the world reading this blog that haven’t ever attended the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, I highly recommend you get it on your calendar for next year! It is always held around this time of year and I can assure you it will become a tradition for you to want to come every year after that. It is also an amazing venue for doing business and networking with other business people. CEOs of major companies and large number of Venture Capitalists attend the festival each year in addition to the movie stars, so a tremendous number of business deals come together through relationships formed at Sundance. When I was running my last company we would invite big customers to come out to the festival so it is also a great perk to offer your clients and prospective clients.

Some of the stars coming this year to the festival and starring in movies are R yan Reynolds, Chris Pine, James Franco, Orlando Bloom, Ethan Hawke, Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, Jennifer Lopez, Johan Hill, Nicole Kidman, Felicity Jones, Jim Gaffigan, Emma Roberts, Seinfeld, Tom Hanks, Sam Eliot, Marcia Gay Harding, Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, Johnny Knoxville, Jennifer Connelly, Regina Hall, Michael Fassbender, Brittney Snow, and many many more!

iHeartRadio is hosting multiple concerts at venues during the festival including Imagine Dragons, Lil Kim, and Tony Bennett. American Authors are also performing and many others.

I grew up loving movies. My entire family loves movies. I mean we LOVE THEM! There is something incredible about being able to sit down and be sucked into an entirely different world for two hours where you can be entertained, learn something new, gain new perspectives, get educated, laugh, cry, and feel as though you escaped your normal everyday life for something entirely different and amazing. And I love films that tell a great story. I absolutely love that! So yeah, its gonna be a great ten days of amazing movies, great fun, and time with friends. I’m excited!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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