The Power Of Prayer

If there is one thing I wouldn’t know how to get by without in life, its prayer.  Prayer is such a critically important part of my life and always have been – I pray for guidance, I pray about the decisions I need to make, I pray for my loved ones, I pray for help overcoming my fears, I pray for strength to handle life’s stresses, I pray to thank God for my blessings.  Prayer is what keeps me sane. Prayer is what keeps me strong. Prayer is the one constant I can always count on in life.

As CEO of my company I constantly relied on prayer to help me lead my company and I shared that openly with my employees. At times I even asked my employees if they would also pray for me to make the best decisions possible for our company.  And while I was open that my own prayers were said to God the Father in the name of his son Jesus Christ, even those employees who believed in a different higher power than I, or even those who didn’t believe in a higher power at all, were so kind about letting me know they’d offered prayers on my behalf. I know their prayers made a huge difference in helping me as their leader.

In a recent conference held in Boston Massachusetts, religious leader M. Russell Ballard invited everyone to join in a new movement to invite their neighbors, colleagues, and friends to pray for our country, for our leaders, for our people, and for families, stating:

 “Our nation was founded on prayer, it was preserved by prayer, and we need prayer again… pray for this country, for our leaders, for our people and for the families that live in this great nation founded by God. Remember, this country was established and preserved by our founding fathers and mothers who repeatedly acknowledged the hand of God through prayer….   I invite you to join in a new movement. Invite your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends on social media to pray for this country.”

What a great movement to start!!!  We all need more prayer! And our leaders do need us to pray on their behalf – whether you politically support those leaders or not – the wisest thing each of us can do is to pray for them and ask God to help them make the best decisions possible for our country. Our prayers WILL make a difference – I can personally attest to that!

Prayer is SO powerful. Truly, it is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal and it is available to all of us every single day so we should be taking full advantage of it.  

“If we are to have [God’s] help, including in our day-to-day concerns, we need more or less constant recourse to our Heavenly Father in prayer. He can and will guide us in the small and simple things as well as the things of greater consequence—which, though we may not realize it, are usually one and the same.”   – D. Todd Christofferson

I LOVE this movement of encouraging everyone to offer more prayers and increasing the frequency of our own prayers.  I’M IN! 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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