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You Know It’s A Rough Day When…

You know it’s a rough day when first thing in the morning you jump on an early call at home that runs longer than expected so you go racing out the door and make the 15 minute drive to your office because you are now 10 minutes late to meet with the folks that have flown across the country to meet with you today, only to then arrive at the your office and find out that the folks that flew in had thought the meeting was at your house so you discover that you drove right past each other and you are at the office and they are sitting in front of your house wondering why you aren’t there….

So that was how my day today began…and if I’m honest it only got worse from there…  I already had a massive backlog of things I needed to get done from all that had piled up over the holiday break for me to do so knowing that I was already feeling stressed out, but then as I had to be in back to back meetings all day in which I could see that my phone kept vibrating like crazy with new incoming texts, and incoming calls I couldn’t answer, and alerts of loads of email hitting my inbox….let’s just say my stress level from already bad to downright ridiculous…then when my husband texted me around 5pm when I trying to wrap up a different meeting that had also ran long in order to let me know his parents from Idaho had just arrived at our home to stay with us for a few days so they want to be here to celebrate my husband’s birthday with him later this week, and I realized that I’d completely forgotten to get groceries to be able to feed them and I’d left the house in a mess this morning and I still hadn’t been able to handle a single email or text or call back that I needed to, and holy cow I still need to plan something for my husband’s birthday party this week and figure out how I’d find time to pickup his cake and still make some dinner reservations for it and get a blog written tonight when I was already late to get home to feed my in-laws dinner with the non-existent food in my fridge and I still had one more call scheduled I needed to jump on and I had an extended family member in crisis who desperately needed me to respond to their texts tonight……It was like AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

You know, sometimes just yelling AARGGHHH out loud in a room by yourself can be incredibly therapeutic… And some days its about the only thing you can do when you are stretched to your very limit… that, and just admitting to yourself that you’ve done all you can today, so everything you didn’t get to yet is going to have to wait until tomorrow when you will once again do your best to try and get to it, but if not, then it will have to wait until the day after that…because we can only do what we can….

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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