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A light that radiates from within

Today I went to Utah State University in Logan, Utah to speak to the students at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.  The students were lively and engaged and incredibly sweet.  I love spending time with them because their energy and optimism is truly contagious.  And I have to give huge props to USU – there is an absolute energy and spirit on that campus that is very unique and you can absolutely feel it when you step onto the campus.  I love the school pride and loyalty the students have to their university.  I was able to meet with a small group of girl students from their women in business association and I was able to have dinner with a group of both boy and girl students as well as the Dean of the School of Business, Douglas Anderson (an amazing and brilliant man).  It was fun to discover that Dean Anderson had served as a missionary for the LDS Church in Germany when he was a young man and that my Grandfather, Stanley Rees, had been his mission President in Germany.  What a small world it is!  Then we went to join a large group of students in the auditorium so I could share my story of becoming an entrepreneur and some of the lessons I learned along my way.  I really enjoyed my time with the students today.  What made it extra special for me today was that my daughter came with me to hear my talk and that was the very first time my daughter has actually come to hear me speak, so that was a really neat experience for me to have her there.  It’s crazy to think that later this year she will be a student on a college campus herself…wow!

What stuck with ne most today was the light that radiated from many of the students I met with today.  I love it when you can look at a person and literally see in their countenance that they are a good person with a good heart.  It is undeniable when it radiates from within them and that was the case with many of the students I met today.

Radiating light from within doesn’t come as a result of power or position or money or even physical beauty.  Radiating light from within comes from being a person of integrity who is trying to do the right things combined with a desire to serve others selflessly.  And when someone radiates light they are like a magnet that attracts others to them. What I love most about people who radiate from within is that they cause everyone else around them to have the desire to also radiate light – today that is what those students did for me.  Thanks to all of the Aggies at Utah State University for making me feel welcome and for your example of radiating light from within.

Have an amazing day tomorrow!  And don’t forget to smile – it will brighten everyone else’s day!



  • Watch movies anytime, anywhere says:

    A light that radiates from within | Amy Rees Anderson’s Blog

  • Carol Holland says:

    Your grandfather spoke to us at the Salt Lake Mission Home on the 20ieth of April 1974. Was he a guest speaker or a member of the Mission Presidency.
    I was going through an old journal and wanted to find more information on him. What an amazing man he was.

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