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Always be “THAT” guy

Today you are all in for a HUGE treat!  For those who have followed my blog over the years you know that I write every single one of my blogs myself. The only exception to that is on the rare occasion when I can convince my son or daughter, who are both incredible writers and far more entertaining than I am, to write a post for you. It’s been a long since it’s happened, but today Ashley wrote a great post for all of you:

Always be “THAT” guy (by Ashley Lewis)

With the beautiful weather this morning, I decided to wear my short-sleeve teal blue dress to work at the LDS Motion Picture Studios in Provo… 100% cotton, made in China, embroidered floral print, machine wash cold, zipper on the side, buttons in the back, and heaven sent pockets on each hip. I was feeling pretty confident sporting the new wear and up do. I rolled in at 7:50am, took my place at the front desk, then started greeting the employees with some casual small talk as they entered the doors and strolled their way back to their offices.

Just over an our later, Officer Vest (the BYU on-call police who I chat with every morning) looks at me mid-conversation with another gal and starts rubbing his side with one hand while pointing to me with the other. Naturally, I stop talking and look down to see… you guessed it… my side zipper COMPLETELY UNZIPPED!

My face went redder than a sunburnt lobster blazing up in flames. Let me tell you. There’s nothing quite like knowing that at least fifteen of your employees saw you and all your glory. Awww yes. That sweet sweet feeling of wanting to curl up in a ball and die in a hidden corner of the Earth where no one will find your remains or even remember that you existed.

So after I finally recollected myself and apologized for the honest mistake, I decided something: I’m ALWAYS going to be “that” guy that Officer Vest was for me today. Nobody wants to be the one who goes all day with spinach in his teeth, with her skirt tucked in her underwear, or have leftover chocolate smeared on their cheek that they were “saving for later”. No…  instead I think I’ll be the one to cause a sliver of embarrassment to save someone from a whole world of it later.

Ps: Shout out to my man Jeff Vest for saving my career and the rest of the LDS Motion Picture Studio from having nightmares for the rest of their blessed lives. #Jeff4president2k17

With love,

A very humiliated (BUT APPRECIATIVE) Ashley Lewis

GREAT STORY! And great message!  Have a great weekend everyone! And don’t forget to fasten those zippers 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Margaret tebbs says:

    Great story Ashley. I am one of those people who tell, except if it’s a mans zipper. Then I look for another man to tell!

  • Jane says:

    Cute story and oh so memorable. We all need to be the one to speak up ( sometimes quietly or privately) but spare people from longer term embarrassment.

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