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Baby It’s SO SO Cold Outside!

It is SO COLD outside! I couldn’t wait to get home to my warm house tonight after a long day of work. See, here’s what you have to know about me – I cannot stand being cold!!  As much as I love December, I do not love the cold weather that comes with it.  Of course I like the notion of a white Christmas as much as the next person, but only if the white is something I am viewing through a window from inside a nice toasty warm house where I’m curled up by a fireplace.

I really can’t stand being cold. In fact, the thing my husband and I have fought most consistently over for the last nearly eleven years is the temperature we keep our house at. I want the heat turned WAY up and he wants it as cold as possible, which has been an ongoing point of contention for pretty much our entire marriage.

A few years ago in an attempt to bring a little humor to our battle with one another I went online and ordered myself the best Christmas present ever…I bought myself an adult zipper blankie complete with footies and little baby ducks printed on them and I announced to my husband that I would be sleeping in my new warm zipper blankie pajamas every night from now on since he kept the temperature so cold in our bedroom.  When I held my new pajamas up from the box they had been wrapped in he laughed…but the moment I put them on his laughter stopped and he got very serious…he looked at me and said, “If there is something as far opposite as could be on the sexy spectrum those pajamas are it!” “Oh yeah” I responded…”well at least they will keep me WARM!”

After that he seemed a little more motivated to keep the temperature a wee bit warmer in the house, but by then I had already fallen in love with my new onsie zipper blankie pajamas. I was hooked!  So my little duckie jammies grew to include several other prints as well – I now have everything from pink elephants to wonder woman zipper blankie pajamas. And the very next year I bought my husband and son and daughter all onsies as well. I’ll let you guess how many times my husband has been willing to actually put his jammies on…

To help you see how awesome the pajamas are here are few pics from the companies website:

For you husbands out there looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your wife, or for you wives who want to send a message that he ought to turn up the heat in the house, these jammies are the perfect thing. I’m sure there are several places you can order them online – I personally buy all of mine from and no they do not pay me any money to tell you about their product, in fact, I haven’t ever taken money from any companies to promote products on my blog so I only talk about things I really love and use. And I LOVE these!

And for the wives who are afflicted with a husband who wants the temperature cold you can get your husband the same thing I got mine – it’s an air-conditioning pad that goes under the fitted sheet on his side of the bed called a chilipad. He stays nice and cold on his side of the bed and I stay warm and snuggly in my jumpinjammerz with my electric heating blanket on my side of the bed…and that is how you go about saving a marriage….tee hee…

Now you’re going to have to excuse me while I go and get into my onsie and drink a nice warm cup of hot cocoa.

Stay warm!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Christina Raven says:

    I enjoyed this blog and even had a little lol moment.

    Word of mouth and just because-moments are awesome.

    Cheers! To you and your blogs. : )

    <3 -CR

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