“Be brave enough to suck at something new”

Today I spent hours speaking to students of BYU at their StartUp LaunchPad program. I gave my talk over Zoom Video Conference so I could do some Q&A with students after my talk. I asked my Daughter if she would cover my blog for me tonight and thankfully she said YES! So here’s a post from Ashley:

. I saw a sign the other day that said

“Be brave enough to suck at something new.” 

After reading this quote something sparked inside me. “Am I putting myself out there and trying new things? Is my pride and fear of failure stopping me from “sucking at something new”? Sometimes I think so. Too often I think I have to be great or the best at everything I do, and don’t even TRY new things. I now realize that mindset is the very thing setting me up for failure (irony at its best)

It takes a confident person to be able to do something new knowing they may “suck” at it. Knowing that others may laugh, mock, and criticize. Though, the upside of trying something new far outweighs the negative— being GREAT at it and even excelling!

Through this Covid-19 quarantine shutdown we’ve all been presented a unique opportunity that can go one of two ways. One, we can shut down, become sluggish, binge watch the news and Netflix all day, and come out of 2020 the exact same person as we came into it. Option two is to slow down, recalibrate, learn new skills, use our time productively, put ourselves out there, and “suck at something new”.

Today, have insane courage and lion-like bravery to “suck at something new!” 😁

~ End of post written by Ashley Anderson Hill, (daughter of Amy Rees Anderson, author of “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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  • Heather Vogeley says:

    I tend to laugh at myself, a lot. That is my way of dealing with stumbling about.

    I found this quote that I love:

    What if we were transparent about our own failures, not as some kind of performative vulnerability, but as an invitation to collectively de-stigmatize the messy process of lifelong learning? (Rachael Alain)

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