Derby Party!!!

First off I want to point out that my cute Derby avatar is chewing on a piece of STRAW! Not violating company policy with anything else in my mouth :). HUGE NEWS! On Friday the 24rd of August any employee who is coming with us to the Derby will be allowed to leave the office at 3pm to join us in Ephraim for the MCG SUMMER PARTY AT THE DEMOLITION DERBY!!! Only those employees coming to the Derby get to leave early that day so no sneaking out – Jack will be watching you!…

 And I got my MCG awesome blinged out belt buckle today as well and I am so excited to wear it to the derby!! They are IN STOCK now so get your boys or girls belt buckles NOW so you have them for the Derby!!! We want everyone to wear as much MCG gear as possible to the derby as our MCG sponsored Derby CAR is BLACK with MCG on it and we want everyone at the derby to recognize our AWESOME MCG FANS in the stadium.

See our AWESOME Derby Car Below:

And keep in mind that we will be bringing the MCG Awesome RV down in its new spy wrap:

We will be leaving immediately to Ephraim at 3pm so we should get to the derby by 5pm sharp to open the RV up with the Pizza ready to eat and drinks and cookies and yummyness for everyone. We thought it would be nice to get there at 5pm to allow everyone time to mingle and socialize and we will have some fun party games we will play with MCG gear to give away as prizes so PLEASE COME! We are so excited!

For our MN group I want you to know that we will take tons of pictures and send them to you and we want you to send us photos of your summer cruise party you had so we can share them with the teams here as well! But I have to be honest and tell you that in my opinion the Demolition Derby beats a Cruise ANYDAY! YEEHAWW!!!



  • Kammy says:

    Please don`t crash up that car in the derby. 🙁 Its too pretty!!! 🙁 I will cry.

  • Mary says:

    That is the nicest car; it totally follows the spy theme. I think it will be noticed, that`s for sure!

  • Anonymous says:

    Is that a picture of the actual car and you`re just going to take out the windows and stuff? That thing is like perfectly restored! You can use my car and I`ll take that one any day.

  • Kammy says:

    I know that Clark, but it says it is the derby car and windows can be removed, silly. 😛

  • Clark says:

    You can tell the our logo is photo shopped on the car there is no glare from the sun on the logo on the door or on the hood. It looks like the car in the picture is safe people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe it is the beginning of our derby car as there is no roll cage yet in there. But saying that there is time to fix it up and get it ready for the AWESOME Derby.

  • Anonymous says:

    derby cars dont look like that.

  • Anonymous says:

    I`ve seen some pretty dang nice derby cars and some do look like that only with out the glass, and glass can be removed. Just saying!

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