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Don’t Look so Shocked!

“Don’t look so shocked that I know how to use a screw driver and a hammer and that I am willing to get dirty hauling boxes in from the storage unit and assembling furniture!”.  That is what I wanted to say to all of the surprise visitors (and there were a lot) that dropped in on us today as we were moving into our new offices for REES Capital.  Everyone seemed stunned that these manicured fingernails of mine know how to do the heavy lifting once in a while.  Now given, it is my LEAST favorite thing to do…well not the least favorite, that distinction would go toward exercising or hiking or some nonsense like that…but moving is definitely right up there as a close second of my least favorite things to do in life.  That being said, I am a HUGE believer in the fact that no one should ever believe that they are above doing any task that needs to get done, and so there was moving to get done today and I got in there and did it with the rest of my partners – and I have the cuts and bruises and blisters and aching back to prove it!

Tonight I am completely worn out and I simply cannot wait to let my poor aching body climb into my bed.  It was a grueling day today and we worked our behinds off all day.   I am so proud of the fact that all four partners of REES Capital dug in and did the dirty work together. No one thought they were too good to do whatever needed to get done.  Whether it was hauling furniture, or building conference room chairs, or climbing into dumpsters to smash boxes down…there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t willing to get whatever needed to be done, done.  That is what I love about my team.  Let’s face it, any one of the partners has enough personal wealth that they could have simply paid someone to do the grunt work for them, but that is not the mindset of this team.  We are do-ers.  We have always been do-ers. And we have always been willing to work our tails off to do whatever needed to be done.  I truly believe that is why we have been so successful.  We work our guts out every day doing whatever needs to be done.

I love my partners and I love my support team.  We have such an amazing group.  I am truly blessed to have a team of friends like that to keep me humble and focused and driven every day to do great things. I love that every one of them will get their hands dirty doing the tough jobs in order to build something amazing with me. 

Not only are my partners and team amazing, but my husband Rollin has built some amazing custom furniture for the office as well, and when it is all moved in it will be a show stopper.  The conference room table he is building is a 3,000 pound single slab of black concrete that is 16 feet long and 5 feet wide.  It will be the show piece of the entire office when it gets brought in.  Just don’t ask him how he intends to move it because he has already moved it once all by himself, and every time someone questions him on how it will be moved he has to prove that he can do it alone….men….especially the ones that grew up on farms in Idaho…. 🙂

Well tomorrow is another brutal day of moving in, hanging pictures, building furniture, cleaning, etc.  But with every step forward our office is taking shape to be something spectacular.  It will be better for people to wait to stop by until we get it all moved in this week so they can enjoy seeing the finished product instead of the craziness going on right now with all the boxes strewn around and me with my disheveled hair and hammer in hand.  I want the office to be gorgeous before we start showing it off! 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!  One more day closer to Turkey Day – or we could just start calling it Pie Day because bite for bite I think Pie beats out Turkey 🙂



  • Ryan says:

    Love the sign on the outside. Excited to see the inside.

  • Steph Featherstone says:

    Ha ha ha, I loved this. Glad everything is coming together at your new office! 🙂

  • Bradley says:

    “Show me your friends, and I will show you your future”. With that in mind Amy, sounds as though your future will continue to be “amazingly extra-ordinary”…. albeit filled with hard work…. lol.

    Thus, I am obviously, anxious to meet all of you in an effort to not only partner in business(es) yet more importantly to assist in nurturing a Utah entrepreneur culture of “extra-ordinary” possibilities!!

  • connie says:

    Hey, Amy! Love ya, Proud of ya. Miss ya tons. You are one of a kind. Hope to break away one day soon and see the excitement. I am Thankful for you dear lady.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Just me

  • Tim says:

    I can’t believe how much you got done and how fast. I was one of those that was shocked to see you out there lifting furniture for longer than the day has light! You have an impressive space and a more impressive team!

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