Move In Day!

Monday morning we are officially starting to move-in to our new REES Capital offices!  I can’t believe the day has finally come!  It feels like we have been doing construction forever on the build-out of our new space.  Between city zoning issues and getting permits it has been a long process, but it is so exciting to finally see it start to come together now.  For the last six weeks we have been holding meetings at every restaurant in town and using temporary conference rooms to hold group meetings.  It has been a huge challenge for us so we are all really anxious to start moving into our space this week.  We cancelled all of our meetings this week to give ourselves the next few days to get moved in before the Thanksgiving holiday, so we will be rolling up our sleeves and getting busy hauling boxes and furniture the next few days.  For today’s blog I thought it would be fun to share some photos of the changes that have taken place to our new offices during the construction.  I don’t have photos of the totally finished space but these photos will let you see the before and then the coming along pictures as we renovated the space.  Once we move in this week I will post the official after photos for you to see.  I had a few problems getting my photos uploaded to today’s blog so I hope they show up okay.  (see photos below).  I will post after shots once we get all moved in later this week.  Have a great Monday everyone!  It’s almost Thanksgiving Holiday – YIPEEEE!


Before shot of exterior

After shot of exterior


Before shot of front lobby


During shot of the front lobby


Before shot of main conference room

During shot of main conference room


Before shot of wet bar area

During shot of wet bar area


New lobby furniture


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