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Funny Quote Leads to a Great Reminder…

So I came across the funniest quote that totally made me think of my something my daughter Ashley does (thus her avatar on today’s post).  The quote goes like this:

When your home alone and someone knocks on your door:
          10% say “who is it?”
          64% look through the peep hole.
          25% open the door.
          1% crawl around on the ground like a ninja and look through the window very quietly to make sure it isn’t a masked murderer.

When I finished reading it to my daughter she started busting up because she is totally part of that 1%.  When I asked her why she does that whole ninja thing she said “Cause I know you won’t let me open the door for strangers, but I also know you want me to get the packages from the UPS guy, so I have to crawl around to see if his truck is out there first so I know it’s okay to answer the door”.   Then she randomly followed that up with saying, “Hey one day when Dad was here and he answered the door I heard him say “Thanks” to the UPS guy and I thought that was really cool, so we should always remember to do that.  Yeah, him and the person who hands you toilet paper when you are in a stall that doesn’t have any in a public restroom and you have to scream for help, we should remember to thank them as well.”  I laughed so hard my sides hurt.  Some days that child cracks me up beyond belief.  She then started listing all the people in life she thought we should all remember to thank a little more often – she referred to them as the unsung heroes that help us every day:

The UPS Guy that brings your packages (especially the ones from zappos!)

The Mailman who brings your mail each day, even in the bad weather

The Person at the Grocery store that bags your groceries for you

The parking garage attendant that takes your ticket and lets you out

The receptionist at the front desk

The garbage man that comes each week to take the trash

The person who serves your food at the restaurant

The pharmacist that fills a prescription for you

The person working the counter at the gas station

So today’s challenge is for all of us to do a better job of saying “Thank You!” to all of those people who help us with the everyday things in our lives that we so often overlook.  What a great challenge from a great daughter!  

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!



  • Bradley says:

    What a better place this planet full of 6 billion people when we say, “Thank You”. Great reminder, and thus, “Thank You both”, Amy & Ashley!! Have an extra-ordinary day as well!!

  • Leta says:

    Another would be to the bus drivers / trax / front runner drivers and workers. They do a wonderful service.

  • Steph Featherstone says:

    I try to make a point to always say thank you, but even then I still forget sometimes. Thanks for this awesome reminder! 🙂

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