Happiness Is A Warm Blanket

I woke up this morning to the beautiful scene of fluffy white snowflakes falling outside my window.

As I sat looking across the living room at our lit up Christmas tree with the snow falling outside the windows it felt as though the heavens were wrapping my home in a big, fluffy, warm blanket…and with it came a tremendous feeling of peace and comfort.

These last months have brought so much turmoil and chaos into the world which has led to so much fear and uncertainty for so many.  There have even been days when its felt as though good in the world has been completely overtaken by the bad.  But then I wake up to the scent of Christmas tree and cinnamon spice, and white snowflakes falling peacefully to the ground, and I remember that soon we will celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ – who came to this earth to teach us, to save us, and to show us the path we should take to return to the presence of God – and I remember that all we need to do to have peace in our lives, even in times of great turmoil, is to believe in Him.

Believing in Him is more than just a thought; it’s a daily demonstration of acting the way He taught us to through being honest, gentle, kind, patient, long-suffering, meek, virtuous and charitable.  Believing in Him is understanding that He who is all powerful permits evil to exist to allow us to make choices between good and evil and it’s on us to choose to live our lives His way, not the world’s way.  Believing in Him is loving others as He loves us.

Happiness is a warm blanket of peace that encircles us each time we choose to Believe in Him. And have faith that even in the darkest hours His light still shines.

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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