How To Be Perfectly Miserable vs How To Be Perfectly Happy

How To Be Perfectly Miserable

Think about yourself, talk about yourself,

Use “I” as often as possible,

Mirror yourself continually in the opinion of others,

Listen greedily to what people say about you,

Expect to be appreciated,

Be suspicious,

Be jealous and envious, be sensitive to slights,

Never forgive a criticism, trust nobody but yourself,

Insist on consideration and respect,

Demand agreement with your own views on everything,

Sulk if people are not grateful to you for favors shown,

Never forget a service you may have rendered,

Be on the outlook for a good time for yourself,

Shirk your duties if you can, do as little as possible for others,

Love yourself supremely, BE SELFISH!


Great reminders of the “what NOT to do’s” in life.  As I read that quote above I was thinking that if those were the ways to be miserable then the exact opposite must be the way to be happy, so I tried to create the exact opposite items of those listed above and when it was done I realized it had formed a list of “How To Be Perfectly Happy”

How To Be Perfectly Happy

Think about others, speak kind about others,

Use “you” as often as possible,

See yourself through the eyes of God,

Listen thoughtfully to what others have to say,

Share your appreciation generously,

Believe in the good of others,

Be happy for other’s success, give people the benefit of the doubt,

Be quick to forgive, expect the best from others,

Be considerate and respectful,

Seek to understand and appreciate others point of view,

Express gratitude for the kindness of others,

Serve without expectations of reward,

Focus on helping others to have a good time,

Be responsible, go the extra mile,

Love others supremely, BE UNSELFISH!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Linda says:

    Thank you your amazing! I love reading your words and thoughts! I’m going through something in my marriage and life I just can’t seem to figure out. But I’m very close and I hope I make a break through.

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