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I Double Dog Dare You

If you’ve ever watched the movie A Christmas Story then you know exactly what the term ‘double dog dare you’ means. If you haven’t watched the movie A Christmas Story then what in the heck is wrong with you?!?!  I mean, you gotta watch it!  It’s a holiday classic that needs to be watched every Christmas season at least once, if not two or three times!

But I’ve digressed…the point in bringing up that movie is that I am about to double dog dare you…

Attached is a video of a man describing his wife to a sketch artist who is going to draw her picture. When I watched this video there was no pretending I had allergies or I’d just finished chopping onions – it straight up made me cry!  And before you think I’m just some kind of sap and that’s why I cried, I’m going to double dog dare you to watch this video yourself. Just as taking the double dog dare to lick a frozen lamp post is guaranteed to get your tongue stuck, watching this video is guaranteed to make you tear up. See for yourself:

All I know is that everyone needs someone in their life who loves them as much as this man loves his wife. But that kind of love doesn’t just happen by chance – that kind of love takes work and patience and forgiveness and kindness toward one another. It takes commitment and effort to grow a love like theirs. But watching the way he talks about her…well that shows you why all that work is worth it.

~Amy Rees Anderson


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