Join the #LightTheWorld Day of Service

December 1st is #LightTheWorld Day of Service!  That day kicks off week 1 of the #LightTheWorld campaign.  Over 300,000 people worldwide have already opted in to join the campaign this year and the number is going up in droves each day!  The campaign goes throughout the month of December and its purpose is to encourage everyone to “Give as He Gave” in reference to following the example of Jesus Christ, the light of the world, in doing good deeds and serving others.  To help make your service more personal, people are encouraged to turn their focus from “how can I serve?” to “whom can I serve?”.

Each week will have a different theme with suggested activities to do that week:

Week 1 theme:  Light the World and give as Jesus gave

Activity:  Serve those in need around the world

Week 2 theme:  Light Your Community

Activity: Serve within your community ( lists service projects in specific communities where available)

Week 3 theme:  Light Your Family

Activity:  Show your love and appreciation within your family

Week 4 theme:  Light your Faith

Activity:  Find ways to increase your faith in Jesus Christ

As you do acts of service you are encouraged to post them on social media with the hashtag #LightTheWorld

I’m super excited to join in on this campaign. What a fantastic way to truly embrace the spirit of the season and keep ourselves focused on the things that really matter.

Here’s week one’s video to inspire you on this journey:

~Amy Rees Anderson

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