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Performing an In-Air Refueling of F35s with the Utah National Guard

I have THE COOLEST EXPERIENCE to share with you today! This morning, I was invited by Utah Governor Gary Herbert to join him and the First Lady for a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a flight on Utah Air National Guard KC-135 refueling tanker and to observe (from a window in the belly of the aircraft) an aerial refueling of the F35 fighter jets at 20,000 feet in the air. TALK ABOUT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! I don’t think it would be possible to write a description cool enough to truly reflect just how cool this experience was! It was honestly unlike anything I have ever done before and totally worth getting up at 5am for!

When we arrived on the base for the Utah National Guard we had a briefing and we were able to be there as one of the officers received an award from the Governor for bravery as he had come across an accident where a man was in the freezing water and he saved his life without any thought for his own life being put in danger. What that soldier did is such an example of the great men and women who serve my country. I have so much respect for all of them and such a deep appreciation for the sacrifices they make which afford me the freedoms that come from being an American.

Rather than trying to say more about it I think I will just share the cool photos from today – but I’ll start with an AWESOME video I shot of two F35s being refueled in flight. SO SO SO COOL!!!

Incredible video I shot of the F35 being refueled from the tanker we were on.
Amy Rees Anderson with First Lady Jeanette Herbert and Utah Governor Gary Herbert
Our group getting ready to board the refueling tanker
Amy Rees Anderson in front of KC-135 Refueling Tanker
Amy Rees Anderson aboard the refueling tanker getting ready for takeoff
First glimpse of the F35 fighter jet
Laying on the ground to watch the boom lowered to connect to the F35

And we have connection
F35s – gorgeous planes
Amy Rees Anderson with head of the Utah National Guard Major General Burton and team. I have so much respect for these men and the service they give! #mountanwestmilitia

What an incredible morning it was today! And the week is just getting started 🙂 YEEEE HAWWWWW

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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