Say a little prayer

For the last nine years I haven’t missed a single daily blog post so I didn’t want to skip posting tonight but my post is just going to be a post to explain why it has to be extremely short today.

My son and his wife had plans to be out of town for the weekend and they asked me and my husband to watch our grandbaby which we, of course, were excited to do. But unfortunately our little grandbaby got really sick on Saturday with the flu and had to be admitted to the hospital so my husband and I have been awake since Saturday morning (it’s now late Sunday night so I’ve been up for around 40 hours straight) with our grandbaby in the hospital until his parents are back in town. It’s been a harrowing and emotional experience having this little baby that I love so much be so sick..kills me.

Then sadly tonight my husband caught the same flu bug as my grandbaby and he had to go home and get into bed.  YIKES! So I can’t write much of a blog tonight because I am now on hospital duty on my own!  All I can say is – stay healthy – stay healthy – stay healthy – that was pretty much a mantra to myself… I can’t get sick!  I must plow through!

I texted my little brother that is a physician tonight and asked him if I am going to get the flu and he replied, “Nothing is for sure, but death & taxes, but yes. Yes, you’re going to get it.”

Thanks for the encouragement little bro! You needed to give me hope!!

I believe in the power of prayers so do me a huge favor and send up prayers for my grandbaby to get better.  And for me not to lose my mind from not getting sleep this many days in a row. Thank you!

~Amy Rees Anderson



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