IT ARRIVED! This Just Got Real

IT ARRIVED! The first few printed copies of my book, “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel In Business & Life” arrived at my house!!! Opening the box and seeing the first few copies of it in print for the first time felt a little surreal. Then when my Mom and Dad showed up to get their advance copy and asked me to sign it for them…well, that’s when things got real.

I have to admit I felt really self-conscious signing the book – my head was filled with thoughts of, “Why would anyone want to read a book that I wrote?”, “What if it’s terrible?” followed by the thought, “Holy cow my penmanship is awful!”

Seriously though, I really need to work on my penmanship! And I definitely need to work on signing my name so people can actually read it.  My handwriting is evidence of the negative effect of computers and smart phones…it’s all typing and texting, ya know…well,until someone asks you to sign their book for them…and then it’s like, “Please excuse that my handwriting looks like a five year-old went ballistic with a sharpie”.

Hey, on the positive side, the text I typed in my book is guaranteed to be better than my handwriting is, so yeah…there’s that… 🙂  #realtalk    The book is available to order on Amazon at 

Here are a few fun pics my husband took when the book arrived (ignore the pigtails…like I said, sort of like a five year-old 😉 ):

Amy’s Book Arrives!

What Awesome Looks Like!

Have a fantastic weekend!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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