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Spinning In Circles? Might Be Time For A Brain Reboot

I was doing so many things at once on my computer today that everything started freezing up and the cursor kept doing that little spinning thing that is almost enough to drive a person to lose their mind!  I mean seriously, who needs waterboarding when all it takes to torture someone is to make them stare at a spinning cursor on their computer screen?!  It’s enough to push just about anyone right over the edge…

And if that wasn’t enough, my computer decided to do an automatic Windows update reboot right in the middle of a big document I was typing up when I hadn’t hit the save button yet…  FOR THE LOVE!!!

Sitting here tonight I am recognizing that my brain is actually doing that same little spinny thing my computer was – it’s been filled with too much data, on too many items, in too short a time frame today, and all it can do is sit frozen, spinning in circles. I’m realizing my brain is in need of a system reboot! I clearly need to go put on my snuggly jammies, drink a glass of warm milk with just a drop of vanilla flavoring and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and go to sleep!

When you’re overly tired and your brain is spinning in circles, everything you are trying to do is going to take you five times longer than it should. Recognize when it’s time for a system reboot and force yourself to take a break and go get some sleep. Then when you wake up the next morning you can have a Wonder Woman screensaver like I have waiting for you on the Windows login page to remind you that TODAY YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE AWESOME!

Have a great one!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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