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Summer Love From MediConnect

Today I am going to share with all of you the newest client newsletter that will be sent to our customers at MediConnect.   Enjoy the newsletter and have a great Wednesday!…

Summer Love From MediConnect

Remember summer break as a kid—-how excited you were to ride your bike around the neighborhood, slurp a snow cone, or climb a tree? Well, summer fun doesn’t need to stop because you’ve grown up! Go ahead, rediscover the wonder and excitement your inner kid has been screaming about (you might even adopt a new hobby in the process).

Not Just for Kids: Summer Toys for Grown Ups Too!

Your team at MediConnect has come together to share ideas for a mix of adventures for you to try—-new and old—-there’s something for every inner kid on this list:

Year-round Sled: If you’ve ever been ice-blocking, you know a great time can be had by propelling your body down a grassy embankment while trying to balance on a cube of ice. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies become less agile and more prone to ice-blocking injuries. Enjoy a safe version of this kid classic with Hammacher’s year-round sled. With two frozen ice inserts, this toy blends ice blocking and sledding into one convenient (and comfy) alternative to straddling an ice block. Get yours on for $49.95.

Water Fun: Long gone are the days of surprising a sibling with a clear, single-action, neon-colored squirt gun filled with tap water. Today’s blasters are full-fledged arsenals of pure soaking power. Wage a water fight and spend a weekend in the backyard with Nerf’s storm series. We recommend the battery-powered Lightning Storm blaster ($20 on Amazon), which boasts a super-sized water drum and detachable blast shield to block incoming water attacks.

Pool Floats: Few summer activities beat a lazy day of floating in the pool or on the river. Today’s floats are a major improvement over yesterday’s old-school inner tubes. For family-friendly floating fun, check out Intex’s River Run II side-byside float tube ($38 on Amazon). The River Run II features a durable mesh bottom and shareable cooler. For larger groups, a family-friendly option is Swimline’s 4-person Shockrocker ($70 on Amazon).

Three-Day Escapes: Summer’s Best Weekend Getaways

Bed and Breakfast Weekend: If you’re looking for a fresh way to travel, try booking at a B&B. You’ll save on the ticket price of your lodging and enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast before setting off on your adventure. With personalized service, cozy comfort, and sharing common areas with friendly co-travelers, staying as a guest feels less commercial and more like home.

Get off the beaten path and ask your hosts for tips on the best local fare or must-see area attractions. Find your B&B at It’s a national database loaded with searchable recommendations listed by state. The site also publishes travel deals and discounts for those with flexible travel plans.

Take Back the Camp:

Get back to nature by taking the family camping (and remember to leave your smart phone, iPad, and laptop behind). Few experiences bond families together like time spent telling stories around a campfire—-just don’t forget the marshmallows! For an easy weekend, pick a camp site less than a few hours away, load up the car, and go. Whether you rough it in a tent or rustic cabin, offers a downloadable camping checklist to simplify packing.

Tour a National Park: When planning your summer weekend escape, look no further than your own backyard. With nearly 400 national parks, the United States boasts one of the most impressive (and affordable) vacation alternatives. Take a guided hike, photograph wildflowers, or soak up some U.S. history. Many parks offer affordable lodging alternatives and field classes for the whole family. Entrance fees are affordable—-even free on select weekends. The National Park Service website,, features tips and event details across the country so get out and explore the nation’s backyard. From Alcatraz to the Appalachian Trail and Lewis & Clark to the Everglades, fill your tank and get set for your next family adventure without breaking the bank.

MCG Delicious: Lemon Berry Melonade

Quench the summer heat with this refreshing spin on classic flavored lemonade:

Blend, chill and serve:

8 cups cubed and seeded watermelon (try it frozen)

1 cup strawberries, halved

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

1 cup white sugar

2 cups water or Sprite

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