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The 80s comeback is finally complete with Atari making a comeback

It seems like everything else from the 80’s has been making a comeback, from music, to pegged pants, off the shoulder tops, and even mom jeans (so wrong)…yes the 80s are back with a vengeance. The only thing missing from the 80s is our beloved Atari gaming systems…but have no fear…the beloved Atari gaming system is about to make a comeback…And with that it feels that the 80s comeback will finally be complete!

For the first time in 20 years Atari is releasing a new gaming console and honestly I am super excited about it! Maybe that’s because thoughts of getting our Atari 2600 gaming console as a kid in the 80’s brings back so many great memories…I so vividly remember playing Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Pitfall, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Haunted House, Adventure, Kaboom…the list goes on and on…. Back then the Atari was the most cutting edge technology we had access to and we were mesmerized.

Since that time we have seen incredible advances in technology and the gaming world so it will be interesting to see if Atari sticks with that retro feel with the games we grew to love growing up or if they will change it up and compete head to head with Xbox and Nintendo.  I’ll admit a part of me really hopes they keep a bit of that retro feel to their gaming system and bring back all those old games we used to play. The only heads up Atari has given thus far is a short little teaser seen here:

These days the only time I play video games is when my kids come home to visit and we all play Call of Duty together (after all nothing bonds a family like running around shooting each other in a video game, right?!). But my excitement over the Atari comeback is more about the nostalgia of it all and the opportunity it brings to relive those childhood moments and savor those memories.  Thank you for that Atari! I can’t wait to see the release! And I’m happy I could finally write a blog that allowed me to use my awesome 80s avatar 🙂

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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