The Law Of Giving

The Law of Giving is very simple: 

If you want joy, give joy

If love is what you seek, offer love

If you crave material affluence, help others become prosperous.”

                                                                           -Deepak Chopra

So my Cyber Monday turned into an early Giving Tuesday as I spent the first part of my day in a board meeting up in Salt Lake City for the Stella H. Oaks Foundation I serve on the board of which helps provide educational scholarships to single mothers, and from there I drove directly down to Provo where I spent the rest of my day down at Brigham Young University speaking to an auditorium of 350 students for the Entrepreneurship Lecture Series and then doing a Q&A session for students to ask any questions they had.  I’m just now getting home at 7:45pm, which means by the time I finish this blog I’ll only have a few hours of a Cyber Monday left…and while I may have missed out on some good online shopping deals today I know the way I chose to spend my time today felt far better than any discount could have felt – and that’s saying something because I love a good discount!   But it’s true – the joy that comes from helping others prosper is just about the best joy there is. 

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a day everyone is encouraged to give. Keep in mind that giving isn’t just about giving money, its about giving your time and giving of your talents as well.  It can be something as small as giving a smile or a hug or saying a prayer on someone’s behalf. It can be donating money to a worthy cause (like the Stella H. Oaks Foundation) or buying someone’s meal for them at a restaurant. It can be paying for the car behind you on the toll road or at the drive through window for lunch.  It can be sending a handwritten card or a kind text message saying you care.  What matters tomorrow for Giving Tuesday is that you take time to give in whatever capacity you are able. 

The Law Of Giving really is that simple:  If you want joy, give joy.  

Have a beautiful day!

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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