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The Perfect Way To Spend A Day

Today was AWESOME! First of all it was Mother’s Day! And as the Mother of two of my own and one daughter-in-law, I want to say that I love being a Mom! It’s the most amazing blessing ever, but let’s admit it, sometimes it can feel like all the effort and sacrifice goes unnoticed. So when your family takes a day to tell you they appreciate you it is AWESOME!

This year Mother’s Day is especially important to me for two reasons:

One – this year because my daughter Ashley who is serving an 18 month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints got to do a video Skype session with me today! AHHH! I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it was to see my 20 year old baby girl’s sweet smile today after having her away for the last 16 months. It was the best Mother’s Day present ever! Seeing how much she has matured over the last 16 months as she has focused all her time and attention on serving others was just incredible. Hearing about the experiences she has had as she serves was amazing. My baby has become this amazing grown up woman who is both unbelievably beautiful on the outside and equally beautiful on the inside. Being her mother has blessed my life immeasurably.

Two (being the mother of two children I know that at this point I have to express that these two reasons are not listed in any kind of priority order – they are both equally important!)  – Today it is my son Dalton’s 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday Dalton!!! Yep, my firstborn child was born on Mother’s Day. It has always made Mother’s Day that much more special to me over the years. Each Mother’s Day I remember what it was like to carry him in my belly for nine months (plus the two weeks late I carried him). I remember what it was like to see him for the first time after delivering him and to hold him in my arms knowing that I loved this little person with every ounce of love I had to give. I remember every moment of raising him…watching him take his first step, getting his first tooth, scraping his first knee, cutting his own hair when I wasn’t looking (oh my…), his first day of school, his first date, his first heartbreak, his first day of college, saying goodbye as he left on his LDS mission for two years, watching him come down that escalator at the airport when he came back home after finishing those two years as a missionary, and being there with him when he married his eternal sweetheart in the LDS temple last year. Being his mother has blessed my life immeasurably.

The perfect way to spend a day is being with the people you love most in this world – family. I am thankful every day to have a family that I love and adore. Most of all I am thankful that I was given the gift of being a Mother to the most amazing two children in the world. I love them more than anything.

“No one will ever know the strength of my love for you.

After all,

You’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”

Thanks for letting me share what made my perfect day so perfect. I hope all of you had a perfect day as well today!  It is the perfect start to an AMAZING week ahead!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Jane Anderson says:

    I’m glad your Mother’s Day was so awesome. Mine was too. All my kids and grandkids except my Marine who is deployed were available for the afternoon to spend together. That was a small miracle. BTW my third born, a boy, was also born on Mother’s day. He was my last – and the icing on the cake!

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