Give It Your All

From the time I was young I was dedicated to the idea that if I was going to do something in my life I was going to do it 100%.  I never wanted to be the girl who did things halfway.  I just felt that if I was going to put my name on something then I wanted to be proud of the work I was doing.  After all, if I wasn’t going to give something my all then why even start it in the first place…that just seemed silly to me.

Another thing I noticed was how much time many people wasted in their day doing things that didn’t help them to move forward toward their goals.  After reading the quote below, I thought to myself, “If I just commit to doing a little bit more each day while others are wasting time then just think how far I can get in my life”

“The average person puts only 25%

of his energy and ability into his work.

The world takes off its hat to those

who put in more than 50% of their capacity,

and stands on its head for those

few and far between souls

who devote 100%.”

 – Andrew Carnegie

And so I decided to be one of those people who devotes herself 100% to every endeavor.  Doing so has served me incredibly well in my life.  Has it been difficult at times – absolutely!  But do I go to bed each night knowing that I have accomplished everything I could possibly have accomplished with the day I was given – yes.  And there is great satisfaction that comes from knowing you are not wasting a single moment of the time God has granted you on this earth. 

All that being said, I have come to realize that with all that desire to give myself 100% to every endeavor, it is easy for me to become so incredibly busy that I can forget to give that same 100% effort to the things that matter the very most in my life:  my spouse, my children, my family, and my loved ones.  I think many of us make that same mistake of forgetting to prioritize our families amongst all the other responsibilities we have in life.  Somehow our families drop to the bottom of the day’s list of to-do’s and if the daytime runs out then they simply don’t get their adequate time from us.  We fail to give our families 100% of our efforts, and that is the biggest failure of all.

And so I have a new resolve to do better to treat my family time with the same 100% effort I give to everything else I do in my life.   Now when I go to bed at night I want to be able to do so knowing that not only did I give 100% to the business ventures I am involved in, but I also gave 100% to my family each day…if I can do that consistently then that will equal true success in life…

Happy Thursday everyone! 


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