I Believe There Are Angels Watching Over Us

I have a painting on my wall titled “Heavenly Hands” by the artist Greg Olsen. I love this painting because it represents an Angel watching over a little girl. Here is an image of what the painting looks like:


I personally believe in Angels. I believe there are ministering Angels sent into our lives at different times to help us during difficult times, to protect us, and to watch over us when God knows we need it. It is my personal belief that these Angels sent to minister to us are not strangers, rather, I believe they are people who have passed on from this earth that are ancestors, or direct family members that have passed, and our friends who love and care about us and who desire to be there for us.  To me it just make sense that these would be the Angels sent to help us when needed.

I have had experiences in my own life and I know my children have had experiences in their lives when we felt the presence of these Angels. Before my Grandmother Pearson passed away I literally begged her to promise me that she would have Heavenly Father allow her to be my personal Guardian Angel when she was gone. She was my very best friend and I loved her so much…I still do. I never wanted to lose that feeling of comfort of having her in my life so I knew the next best thing was to ask her to be around me even after she died.   I also find myself silently asking my best friend Steve Gasser, who passed away unexpectedly a few years ago, to be there for me when I am going through tough things in my life. There are many people I love who have passed on and I believe they are there for me and my family in spirit still.

Just think about it, if we passed away can you imagine any place else you would rather be than being a ministering Angel to help watch over the people you love and had to leave behind? I can’t. I know that is where we would want to be if we had to leave people we loved behind. So it just makes sense to me.

As we head into this new week ahead may we all be surrounded by those ministering Angels who love us and have our best interests at heart and may we feel peace and comfort from their presence.

Have a great week everyone!


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  • Believe says:

    Such an interesting perspective and article. Thanks for your vulnerability and sharing your thoughts!

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