If We Can Just Get Through This Month

My older sister in California and I were talking on the phone tonight about how frustrating it is not to know how or what we can plan for the rest of our summer given all the COVID madness. She and her family are hoping to come out to Utah to stay with us for a visit but with Utah’s numbers spiking like crazy the last few weeks and our own recent exposure scare we just went through that shook us to the core, its really been impossible to feel good about planning anything right now. Even more difficult is not knowing just how far it will be in the future before it is safe to make plans.

After we’d been talking and trying to figure out what to do my sister finally said:

“If we can just get through this month, we only have one more month to go before we need to get through another month.”

I literally busted out laughing because that statement feels so true that if I didn’t laugh I knew I would cry… The uncertainty about the future and when we can all be together again has really become taxing emotionally. The inability to plan for the future is frustrating. Yet the fact is that all we can do is accept that things are as they are and all try to make the best of what is.

I’ve expended far too much energy stressing about not knowing what next week or next month holds and trying to figure out when I’ll be able to schedule things. It’s exhausting.

Tonight I’ve decided that what I really need to do is accept the fact that the only plan I can make right now is not to have a plan. And I have a feeling that finally accepting that is going to make it a whole lot easier to get through life over these next few months…

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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