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Make Yourself A 2018 Key Highlights List

As this year is close to coming to an end, this is the perfect time to take a look back over this past year and write down key highlights list – sort of a year in review quick summary. Now don’t panic thinking this has to be a big writing project or that it will take a bunch of time – it can be as summarized as you want it to be, but I can almost guarantee that if you don’t write it down you are going to forget it. We all tell ourselves we will never forget the key things that have happened in our lives, but inevitably we do. So making this key highlights list in some sort of journal or binder that you won’t misplace or lose later is a great way to make sure history isn’t forgotten.

Here are a few of things I would suggest you take time to write down in your key highlights list:

Make a list of all the trips you took this year.

– Make a list of the fun activities you did that you would love to do again.

– Make a list of the things you did that you told yourself to remember never to do again.

– What would you say were the top five lessons you learned this year? Write those down.

– What were the top five things you wish you would have gotten done but didn’t this year (this will also get you thinking about what you might decide to make a goal for next year).

– Make a list of exciting VIPs you got to meet this year.

– Write down your top five memories of this last year.

– Write down your top three accomplishments this last year.

Again, you don’t have to write all the details down if you don’t have time but at least write your key memories from the year. So you can remember what made 2018 meaningful.

I’ve been working on getting my own key highlights list made and just taking a minute to look back at all I’ve done and all that’s happened this year makes me appreciate how many incredible experiences I have had and how much I have grown this last year. Take a minute and try it – it’s worth it.

Have a great Monday!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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