I mentioned in my tweet last Friday that one of my new goals in my life is to make more time available for mentoring all of you as well as mentoring others. I think my passion for mentoring stems from having had such good mentors in my own life that helped me and taught me and believed in my ability to do something tremendous with my life. I owe much of my own success to having had great teachers, mentors and examples. And so now that I have been able to achieve success in my business life I feel this growing desire to now pay forward the same kindness that was paid to me over the years by making time to mentor all of you and hopefully many others as well by teaching people the lessons that I have been able to learn over the years that have helped me so much…

 To me mentoring someone is more than just teaching them lessons, it is also inspiring people by believing in the very best that they can be and then helping them to see that same potential within themselves.

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” – Unknown

 When I look back at the years and years of experience in my life I now realize that the value of having had all the hard times and the rough lessons is that I can now take what I learned and teach it to others so that I can hopefully help them to move faster and farther than I did by helping them avoid the pitfalls along the way that I made the mistakes of falling into in order to learn. You see there are really two ways that we learn in this life – we can go through it ourselves (this is what I refer to as “the hard way”) or we can learn it by hearing what someone else went through (this is what I refer to as “the much easier and less painful way”). But the only way for people to learn from someone else’s experiences is if that person is willing to put themselves out there and share those experiences with others. And that is something that I am very excited to do more of. My tweets have historically been written for all of you here in the company, but many of you have come to me and asked if you could have a way to access them from home or print them out for a child or friend in need etc. So in order to accomplish my newest goal of expanding my mentoring of others, I am going to be taking my daily tweets and making a version of them available each day on a public blog. I will obviously strip out the MCG specific updates from the public version I will post, but I will leave the things that are about life lessons, leadership, etc on the  public posting so that those of you who wish to access those from home and share those with family or friends can do so. I should have the public blog up and live in about a week and I will put directions on how to find it in a tweet later this week. Expanding my blog like this is step one on my quest to be a better mentor to all of you and to others. It’s so exciting for me to have a new goal that I am working on. Goals are amazing because they give you energy and passion that really ignites a fire in you to achieve. I LOVE my new goal and I am so excited about it. I love that it will allow me to do more to impact people’s lives personally. I am a firm believer that the best thing a leader can do for their people is to help them to become the best they can be personally because that will reflect into every aspect of that person’s life, even business. But it starts by helping the people on a personal level and that is where I want to really try and focus. I want to help all of you to believe in yourselves more, I want to help all of you to set goals and plans for your future that you are excited about, and most of all I want to help all of you by sharing everything that I can about what lessons I have learned and to draw on my business and personal experience to help each of you to accomplish all that you want to in this life. Doing that makes me HAPPY!

 “One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people.” – Dick Gregory

I share my goal so openly with all of you because in sharing my goals it causes me to stick with them. Just like writing my tweet was my goal and I shared it – yes there are many days I don’t feel like writing but it keeps me going because I promised all of you that I wouldn’t miss a day and so I don’t. So now I am promising all of you that I am going to refocus my time and attention on mentoring all of you and teaching all of you everything I can. So now all of you can hold me to it!

Today is Monday and as you all now know – MONDAY’S ARE THE BEST because today I get my letter from my son Dalton. YIPPPPEEEE! I can’t wait.

Make today an amazing start to an amazing week. I am going to! And I am EXCITED ABOUT IT because I HAVE A GOAL and I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT MY GOAL! Thanks for inspiring me you guys. You are incredible and you push me to want to be the very best I can for all of you. Thank you for doing that for me. You have changed my life forever in a good way and I am eternally grateful to each of you. NOW SMILE! AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!



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