Spice Things Up!

Feeling bored with your daily job?  Tired of saying and doing the same thing day after day?  We all get that way at some point – feeling like life is stale and like we are stuck in the movie Groundhog Day where it starts to feel like each day is repeating itself over and over again: get up, brush teeth, drive to work, answer phone, send email, eat lunch, answer phone, send email, sit in meeting, drive home, eat dinner, go to bed, sleep, get up, brush teeth…….  So how can we break the boredom cycle?  Especially when we have to work to make a living, which limits our ability to spice things up all that much….or does it?

Well here is one guy who found a way to mix things up on the job – and not only did he break the monotony of his boring work day, he also managed to bring joy and entertainment to an entire plane full of people who were probably stuck in that same mundane cycle of life as they boarded their flight to take yet another business trip to another boring meeting.   You have to watch this very short video clip and then you will see what I am talking about.

I LOVE THIS GUY!  I love that he got creative.  I love that he was willing to think outside the box and make his mundane task fun and exciting.  I love that he was willing to put himself out there and take the risk of being embarrassed or falling flat on his face.  I love that he was willing to engage his crowd.  I LOVE that he had the courage to do this.  I LOVE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!

The world is full of people who are “too cool” to show a little creative, or “too serious” to be fun, or “too mature” to be silly – and you know what I think of people like that – I think they are boring and stuffy!  A person doesn’t have to be serious and stuffy to prove anything.  You can be professional yet creative, and you can be intelligent yet fun, and you can be silly yet mature.  I promise it can be done.

All you have to do is stop worrying that the stuffy people might judge you because, they will – but they only judge you because they don’t have the confidence to be as awesome as you do and they are just jealous.  Stop worrying that you will look dumb because who cares if you look dumb?  And when you are willing to look dumb it helps other people to feel better about themselves so think of it as an act of charity.

If you need a boost to feel confident enough to spice things up then just remind yourself that it will surely make your own day more exciting and in the process you will help entertain others and lift their spirits, which can count as your daily act of kindness!  And whether you fall flat on your face or not, you will still make them laugh – so who cares if they are laughing for you or at you, either way you made them laugh :).  And chances are you will never see most of those people again so why not make yourself memorable!!

So today’s challenge is to get out there and spice things up in your life and hopefully make a few people laugh along the way 🙂



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