The Most Valuable Currency There Is

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” – Jim Carrey

It was nine years ago yesterday, October 16, 2010, when I got the phone call letting me know that my best friend Steve Gasser had died. It was totally unexpected and a complete shock when it happened. I was devastated. My children were devastated as well as Steve had been such an amazing presence in my kids’ life throughout the years, especially during the years I’d been a single mom.  Steve had also been the reason I met my husband Rollin – he’d talked me into going on a Lake Powell trip with him and it was on that trip I ended up meeting my husband. Steve’s impact on my life was truly immeasurable…

The day he died I posted a blog called “Be The Steve In Someone’s Life” in which I described the amazing friend Steve had been.  I shared how Steve was the kind of friend that was always there for you no matter what.  He was never judgmental of your silly mistakes or your personality quirks, he loved you unconditionally.  He was always smiling, no matter what.  He always found a way to make you laugh and to cheer you up from even the darkest of moods.  He lived his life with absolute and total integrity in every way.  He said what he believed and his actions proved his believes even louder than his words.  He was generous to a fault, giving to everyone all the time, even total strangers.  He loved his family.  He loved his friends.  Anyone who knew Steve loved him.  I have never heard anyone speak an unkind word about Steve Gasser.  He was a truly great man….I ended that day’s blog by sharing that we should each try our best to be the Steve in someone else’s life…

It’s something I hope I am able to do – to be the Steve in as many people’s lives as I can – I have a long way to go to go still if I am to ever get to Steve’s level but at least I had his amazing example of what I should be working toward.  I really hope that one day, when my time in this life comes to an end and I pass over to the other side and get to see Steve standing there with that huge smile on his face that he will be able to say I made him proud 🙂

Never underestimate the immeasurable impact you can have by being the “Steve” in people’s lives. I’ll never forget the impact Steve had on mine.

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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  • Jen Sampson says:

    Love you Amy! His absence is still such a tender spot, and a difficult loss for me. I am grateful he had such a great friend like you. I know how much he loved and admired you. Thanks for always keeping him in your heart. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years! I miss him everyday and wish he was here sharing moments with us here on earth. Can’t wait to squeeze him again someday. Thanks again for writing such a sweet message. ❤️Jen

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