To All Chief Inspiring Officers

Happy Mother’s Day!  I had to get that out there very first thing because there is nothing more important today than stating appreciation for all the Mother’s and future Mother’s and single Father’s playing the role of Mother.  THANK YOU!  For loving us, inspiring us, putting up with us, taking care of us, fixing our boo-boos, hugging our sadness away, and making us smile.  Mother’s are truly amazing.

Often motherhood can seem like a thankless job.  Most of the hard work done by Mothers goes unnoticed and un-thanked.  Most of the effort we take for granted because we don’t stop to think about just how difficult a Mother’s job truly is.  To highlight this fact one group set out to remind people how much Moms do.  They posted a job posting for a mother, but instead of telling people it was for a mother they made up the fake position of Director of Operations and then held video interviews with real applicants.  In the interview they took applicants through the requirements for the position and the applicants response speaks for itself:

Yes a mother’s sacrifice is endless, but there is no question that their work is felt by every child out there who has a mother…which is all of us.  It would be impossible to issue thanks to our moms for everything they did for us.  The list is too long to mention.  And so all we can do is to tell you WE LOVE YOU and to tell you THANK YOU for bringing us into this world, teaching us how to navigate it, and loving us unconditionally well beyond our time on this world.  Nothing is more powerful than feeling your mother’s love.  Nothing is more inspiring and motivating than a mother’s love. Nothing.

Here is a very short two minute video that you will want to take the time to watch.  It is a perfect tribute to our Mother’s called “It was Mom”

Today I was able to hear my sweet daughter give a talk in church about the love she had for her mom.  Then after church I received a phone call from my son on his mission who only gets to call home on Christmas and Mother’s Day each year.  It was such a blessing to spend my day with my two sweet children.  I love being a mom.  And I am eternally grateful for my own mother and for the example she set for me, and for her mother (my grandmother) before her.  I come from a legacy of amazing mothers and I hope to do them proud.  I LOVE YOU MOM!

Love, Amy


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