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What “Father” Means To Me

As a little girl one of my earliest memories of my Dad was how he’d tuck me in bed at night and I’d make him check inside my closet to ensure there weren’t any monsters there. Once Dad had performed his safety check I would know it was safe to go to sleep.  My Dad was my protector.

As a teenager I remember how hard my Dad worked and how trustworthy he was. I can’t recall ever seeing him take a sick day – he always seemed to just power through without complaint. And when my Dad gave his word that he would do something everyone knew he could be trusted to follow through. His word was his bond.

As an adult my Dad became my most treasured advisor. He is a fantastic listener and he is able to see things from a level-headed perspective that allows him to impart incredible wisdom.  He always stands up for what’s right even if it comes at professional or personal cost and he has encouraged me to always do the same. He treats everyone with respect and his example has taught me more than even the advice he shares.  I admire him more than can be put into words.

What “MY” Father means to me is – everything. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without having had my Father to guide me by way of his example, his unconditional love and support, and his expressions of endless belief in me.

What “A” Father means to me can best be described through the example of my husband Rollin, the legally adoptive Father of my two children. Rollin came into their lives when they were just 11 and 14 and he instantly loved him as their Dad. Rollin has unconditionally loved them, set an example for them, and expressed his endless belief in them from the moment he and I were married. Both of our children chose in their adulthood to legally change their surnames to be the same as their Father’s with Dalton also legally changing his middle name to be that of his Father’s first name. That tells you the incredible love and respect they have for their Dad. To my children their Father means – everything. And to me having a loving Father in my children’s lives has meant, well – everything.

I am so grateful for Fathers – for my own Father, for my Father-in-law, for the Father to my children, and for my Heavenly Father.  Fathers mean everything to me.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing men in the world honoring their sacred role as someone’s “Father”

My amazing Father Gerald Rees

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )


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