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What Grade Would You Give Yourself?

School is back in session as is the focus in once again on trying to get good grades for this new semester.  As I thought about getting good grades it made me stop and think about the opportunity this could be for all of us adults, even if we aren’t in school any longer, to come up with a report card structure of our own that we could personally work on getting good grades for during this semester as well.

So I sat down to make a report card for myself.  I decided I wanted my report card to have all the characteristics that I most want to exemplify in my life.  Here are the qualities I decided I want to try and get an A+ on this semester:


The fun thing about doing this particular challenge is that everyone can come up with their own list of qualities they want to get an A+ on.  Then use that list to create your own personal report card for this semester.  Keep it posted somewhere you will have to notice it every day.  For me I think the bathroom mirror works great because you have to notice it when you go to brush your teeth first thing in the morning.  The important thing is to pick a visual spot that you are sure to see it every day.

Then as each day passes ask yourself what kind of grade you think you have earned for each quality so far this semester.  You have to act as both the teacher and the student here so you have to give yourself a grade based on the good old honor system.

I wonder if putting “refined” on my list was setting myself up for failure given that I still cannot sit still in church, or business meetings, or pretty much anywhere that I have to behave for too long :).  That being said, I am a huge fan of a reward system so I think I am going to make myself a deal and figure out prizes I can earn if I get all A’s on my report card – look a little incentive never hurt anything 🙂  Well, except my husband’s pocketbook…but he has to look at it this way – if I get all A’s I will be the best wifey-poo ever!  I mean just look at what I great person I would be to be married to if I can pull off getting straight A’s for everything on my list!  So yeah, that is how I plan to explain my reward system to him anyways (tee  hee).

Good luck to everyone on beginning this new semester of life!  And here is to a semester of straight A’s and some sweet rewards ahead!



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