When life gives you lemonade

“When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like “WHAT?!?” ”  – Phil Dunphy

Love that quote. I realize it was a comedy quote from a television show but to me it’s perfect – to me this quote represents taking charge of your life when things go wrong by not allowing hard things to get you down.  Take charge.  Mix it up. Surprise people!

When we take charge of our situation with the right attitude we can make almost anything better. After all,

“Things turn out best for people that make the best of the way things turn out.”  – John Wooden

Here’s a perfect example of someone making the best of the way things turn out:

“When life gives you lemons, put them in your bra! It won’t solve your problems, but the extra attention is nice.”

See, there is always a way to turn a hard situation around.  You may have to get creative to do it, but no doubt it can be done.  And I believe that keeping a good sense of humor is one of the MOST effective ways to turn things around.  When you are having a hard day and someone can make you laugh about it, it’s like magic happens.  When you laugh the entire world lightens around you.  Your stress level drops and your attitude lifts.  And the thing that seemed so miserable and hard suddenly seems a little less horrible.

All the husbands out there would be wise to remember the humor trick.  When my husband does something that makes me upset with him, if he can say something funny it is almost impossible for me to stay mad.

In my company our best customer service people were the ones who could get the customer to laugh using good humor.  We even put stand-up comedians as our music on hold system so the customers would be laughing while they waited for an agent to take their call.  Often times their entire mood would change from upset to happy simply because the comedy on hold had made them laugh and the laughter minimized the problem they were upset about.

When things go wrong don’t allow yourself to get discouraged.  Find the humor to laugh about it. Then take life’s lemons, throw them back, and go eat a chocolate bar 🙂


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  • Shruti says:

    Thank you… For this amazing post.. It gave me new approach towards my situation… As u mentioned “When life gives you lemons, put them in your bra! It won’t solve your problems, but the extra attention is nice.”

    I would love to have some extra attention.

    My sister “Shreya” is a big fan of ur writing.. She sent me few of ur posts to read and i would like to thank her for introducing me to ur blog… 🙂

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