Where There’s a Will There’s a Way – and tons of Photos to Prove It!

 It started with a 3,000 pound solid concrete conference room table that my husband built in our garage at home.  First he built the table as a single 16 ft x 5 ft solid slab of concrete, which everyone said wouldn’t work.  Then came the “you will never be able to move that table all the way to the office” comments from everyone who came to see it, including me!  Yes, I admit, I couldn’t see how he could possibly move something so heavy.  Neither could anyone else.  Yet each time someone doubted his ability to move the table I saw his resolve and determination grow stronger, and I realized that he would indeed figure out a way to move that table if only to prove to everyone out there that he could. 

And so over the holiday he did exactly that – he moved that massive table from our home to the new office and he figured out a way to get it safely into the building and in place without damaging the table or the office.  It was something I had to see for myself to believe.  It took around six hours to complete the task of moving the table into place and it took a group of people and some serious muscle and some amazing engineering to do, but it was successfully done.  I tried to capture pictures along the way to show exactly how it was moved, but I wasn’t at the house when they loaded it up so I could only get the photos from the time they arrived at the office until we moved it in.  See photos below:

Conference Table in the garage

just after lifting the table off the trailer

flipping the table on its side

prepping the table for the dolly

rolling it into the office on two sheets of 1/2″ mdf to protect the carpets

even a superhero needs to catch his breath


SEE! I told you it was possible!

setting up the sawhorse again – yes that is me doing the heavy lifting 🙂

getting it centered

Note the big smile screaming “I knew I could do it!” and “They don’t call me MacGyver for nothing!!”

and we are lifting again

The sweet view of SUCCESS!

One word – WOW!!!

 And so you can see that he definitely proved that where there is a will there is a way.  I have to give Rollin serious props for what he accomplished.  It looks incredible and I doubt there is another conference room table like it out there.  THANK YOU Rollin for all of your hard work and for being strong willed enough to prove to all of us that nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. 

We are starting to put the rest of the furniture in place and although we are still waiting on our artwork for the lobby walls, some furniture still being shipped in,  and getting our private offices decorated – the office has really come a long way this last week.  And so we are able to at least work in our new office while we are finishing the rest of getting all moved in.  Our goal is to be 100% finished with the space before Christmas so we can throw a big opening party and invite everyone over for good food and a little celebration.  

Last, here are some photos of the front lobby progress.  Note that Rollin also re-did the front desk from the old one to this amazing new one.  He did the concrete top on this to match the conference table.  And once the prints arrive for the lobby it will be absolutely gorgeous!  


front desk complete (except one burned out light bulb to replace)

one side of the lobby – it just needs the mirror above the couch hung still

the other side of the lobby – just needs artwork hung over the chairs now

 Have a great Monday everyone. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday celebration with lots of good food and family.  ~Amy


  • Mark Hester says:

    Pure and simple. I love all of you. What a feat!

  • Andy says:

    Katie and I have decided that Rollin needs his own HGTV show. This is awesome.

  • Leslie says:

    You should point out your going-on-75-year-old Dad helped with all that. I think that is pretty amazing too!!

  • Brittany says:

    Wow! That table is incredible and I’m so impressed you all were able to move that into the office yourselves! Very cool!

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

  • Amy D. says:


    Your new office looks amazing! I still miss getting your tweets on the MediConnect homepage every morning, but I enjoy reading them here almost as much. 🙂 I love the table!


    Amy D.

  • Vandna says:

    Congratulations Amy, the office is shaping up so well. What we have seen of it looks amazing !!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday !!!

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