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“You’re allowed five emotional minutes in the day, then you gotta be a Gangsta.”

“You’re allowed five emotional minutes in the day, then you gotta be a Gangsta.”

I love it when I come across the absolutely perfect quote at just the perfect moment when you need it the most. This quote seriously made my day today so I had to share it in case any of you needed this same reminder.

Dealing with difficult things in life such as work issues or financial matters etc can be trying, but there is no difficulty in life that can tear us up as much as dealing with emotionally difficult things can. I’d personally take work difficulties all day long before I’d ever opt for dealing with an emotional difficulty, because while other difficulties can be stressful as well as physically and mentally exhausting, they don’t tear you to shreds the way that emotional difficulties do.

If not properly contained, emotional difficulties can easily overtake all of our energy and all of our focus, rendering us totally useless and completely ineffective, when then serves only to make us feel worse about everything rather than better.  I think that’s why I loved that quote so much today – it reminded me that  we can allow ourselves five minutes in our day to feel sad or hurt or disappointed about some emotional difficulty, but then we gotta put on our big girl or big boy pants and go be a Gangsta!  (..just to clarify so that my mother doesn’t read this blog and get all worried that I am actually suggesting people should become real gangsters, please know that “gansta” simply refers to a change of attitude from pity party to get over it and get busy doing!…)

We may not be able to control what emotional difficulties come our way in any given day, but we can choose to set our emotion aside in order to go be Gangsta and get things done. And getting things done does make us feel better 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson

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