A Day Best Described With Actual Pictures And Videos

Today was an absolutely amazing Fourth of July! From having my entire family with me all day, to having our friends John Wayne Walding (a true American Hero you can read about at www.johnwaynewalding.com) and his wife Amy Walding and their four kids with us, to meeting George Washington, to going to Stadium of Fire where the band One Republic performed, to an incredible firework show, and finally to a crazy fun street dance…it was a truly incredible day and I felt so blessed to be an American, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and to be surrounded by my family and our great friends today.  The day was so amazing, in fact, that I feel it would be best described with pictures and videos (if viewing these on a cell phone you may have to turn it sideways to see the full pics):

Amy Rees Anderson family and John Wayne Walding family at dinner

Amy Rees Anderson, husband Rollin Anderson and George Washington

Amy Rees Anderson and daughter Ashley

Ran into our good friend Al Bertha on the way into Stadium of Fire

Amy Rees Anderson family and John Wayne Walding Family at Stadium of Fire

The love of my life!

The other love of my life

Amy Rees Anderson family waiting for One Republic to perform

One Republic

Our friend Lexi Walker did a great job singing tonight!


God Bless America!

It was the perfect day!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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