Am I The Only One Who Finds It Hard To Focus The Day Before A Holiday?

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE HOLIDAYS?! I love everything about them. Great food, fun, friends, family….how could I not love holidays??  In fact, I get so excited about holidays that I start celebrating them in my mind the day before they even arrive…the closer we get to the actual holiday the more antsy and distracted and like a little kid-like I become.  And despite the fact some may say it’s embarrassing for a grown woman to get so excited about a holiday, to me it seems completely reasonable!!  I mean, for heaven sake, how can anyone expect me to focus when there are parades and fireworks just one day away?!?!  IT’S JUST SO EXCITING!!!

I was contemplating today the difference between my focus leading up to a holiday versus my focus leading up to taking a vacation and how different they are.

The days leading up to me taking a vacation I’m no fun at all.  I become completely hyper-focused and go into mega-adult mode during those days.  Frankly I am probably my most productive on the days right before I leave on a vacation.

So why that big difference? Why am I so unfocused and childlike the day before a holiday but so hyper-focused and adult the day before vacation?  As I contemplated that question today here is what I surmised:

When we are going into a vacation we are the only person who will be taking time off, which means everyone else is going to keep working while we are gone, thus there is serious motivation to try and get ahead of the pack before you go so you won’t be quite as behind when you come back.

Holidays are totally different because when we are going into a holiday we know that everyone else is going to be taking the same day off WITH US!  Which means no one is going to be getting anything done…which means there is no reason to get ahead before our time off….which means we get to celebrate and enjoy ourselves without any worries of falling behind….IT’S SO AWESOME!!!

All of my pondering today has led me to one simple conclusion – WE NEED MORE NATIONAL HOLIDAYS!!!  Seriously though…

Have a great Fourth of July Holiday Everyone! I’ll be back blogging on the 5th 🙂 !

~Amy Rees Anderson


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  • Jane Anderson says:

    🙂 Seriously though – More holidays are good. One organization I worked for proclaimed a ‘holiday’ weekend once a month. Once a month they had a Friday or Monday off. Sometimes they were national holidays and sometimes they were just holidays. It was pretty cool and fun to use those days. Retirement is a holiday whenever you want one. It’s not so fun. I think anticipation of a day off and realizing they don’t come around too often, makes them all the more fun and exciting.

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