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Being Uncool Is The Coolest Thing You Can Do

I love people who are willing to be uncool –people who get out on the dance floor even when they know they are terrible dancers, people who rock the karaoke mic even when they can’t sing a lick, people who don’t just put on costume but who go all out when they do…I love people who don’t just show up, but who show up and participate wholeheartedly, whatever the situation. To me those kind of people are the people I love to be around because they are the people who help everyone else feel more comfortable to try as well and they make everything so much FUN!

This weekend, our friend who recently bought a home that was straight out of the 50s decided before they tear the place down they would embrace it and throw a big Halloween 50s party, asking everyone to bring their best casserole dish to share. It was awesome to see all these successful, serious business people, totally getting into their costumes and casseroles. From the poodle skirts, to the letterman jackets, to the tuna casseroles galore – it was a night of good clean fun that was enjoyed by all.

Life is serious enough already – what we all need is a little less seriousness to help balance out the equation. So for Halloween this year stop worrying about being “cool” and instead just BE FUN! Don’t do skimpy outfits – do SILLY outfits. Be as “uncool” as possible, because that is the “coolest” thing you can do!

Here’s a few fun pics from the weekend:


~Amy Rees Anderson

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