Don’t stop dreaming just because you had a nightmare

“Don’t stop dreaming just because you had a nightmare.”

Some days I come across a quote like that one and instantly know it’s what I need to write about in that day’s blog, and for whatever reason when I saw that one I knew it had to share it…

We all go through our own personal nightmares during our lives and some that are so horrific you feel like you will never wake up from them. But the one thing I have come to learn in my own life is that you WILL wake up, and there ARE good dreams still ahead…wonderful, beautiful, happy dreams filled with magic and wonder and joy. That’s why we have to tell ourselves to hang in there, because soon morning will soon come, and with it will be the beautiful sunlight streaming through the windows, reminding us that a new day lies ahead which is full of new opportunities and endless possibility. And all we need to do is wake-up, jump out of bed with enthusiasm, and hit the ground running full steam ahead to make great things happen!

We can’t fear the nightmares when they come. Some nightmares serve to warn us of dangers to avoid in the future. Some nightmares help mold us into a better person. And many of the nightmares end up leading us somewhere that turns out far better than anything we ever expected and a place we would have never ended up otherwise. So as bad as they feel during the dark of night, when the sun comes up we will recognize that they weren’t so awful after all. And the best part is that when we wake up we will always have a new day waiting that has the potential, if we go into it with hope and anticipation of great things to come, to end leading to fabulous dreams coming true.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone. Hit the ground running and be EXCITED for the prospects that a new day and a new week bring with them. I predict it will be a week full of fabulous dreams!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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