Each New Sign Along The Highway Of Life Reads, “It Only Gets Better From Here”

“Fear is an idea crippling, experience-crushing, success-stalling inhibitor inflicted only by yourself.” – Stephanie Melish

We are the ones who create our own fears. We decide what we are afraid of by the thoughts we allow into our minds. We think our fears into existence and then we allow them to exist and grow in our minds until they take control of our emotions. Fear left unchecked will keep us in bad situations we’d do better to get ought of, and keep us clinging to what was instead of moving toward what can be.  We convince ourselves that the certainty we think we have today is better than the uncertainty that would come if we were to try something new. Our fears literally cut us off from discovering what more our lives might be.

My advice on change is this:  Think of your life as a road trip where you are guaranteed that each new exit along the highway will take you to a place more beautiful than the last. Each new exit will introduce you to more and more fabulous people that will further enrich and bless your life. Each new exit you explore will teach you more than the last one did. Each new exit you visit will give you more experience and wisdom than you ever had before. With every new exit you are guaranteed the opportunity to become a better person. That highway is our life, and CHANGE is nothing more than arriving at the next exit with its great big sign that says “It only gets better from here”…

Don’t be afraid of change.

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • JP says:

    Hello from Austin Texas , just read one of your story’s and WOW , nailed it to where my job situation is , great insight that I needed ,big time
    Thank you

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