Everyone Needs A Five Second Dance Break!

Often when everyone is heads down working on things at our house someone in our family will randomly call out “DANCE BREAK” and everyone immediately stops whatever they are doing, stands up, and starts dancing in place for five seconds to our own beatboxing sounds – then everyone quickly sits right back down and keeps working as if nothing had just happened.  It’s one of my favorite things that my family does because it has a way of bringing some joy into our day for those five seconds of our dance break.

Given, if someone happened to be around our family when one of these random dance breaks busted out they would think we were all out of our minds, but they also can’t help but laugh out loud when they see us do it, which brings five seconds of joy into their lives as well! It’s a win/win for all! And once a person has been around us when we do it once, the next time they hear those words “Dance Break” yelled out they can’t help from joining in on the fun – it’s like this involuntary response they can’t control – they just gotta dance! 🙂

Look, life is stressful and crazy busy all the time for most of us – and most days we are all just working our guts out trying to get it all done and plowing right through our stress – but every once in a while in the most random moments you gotta try yelling out the words “DANCE BREAK” as loud as you can – then stand up and start dancing in place for five seconds to whatever beatbox sound you can muster up – then quickly sit back down and keep working as if it never happened. All it takes is doing it once or twice and before you know it you’ll have everyone around you taking that dance break with you. And whether those people around you are dancing along too or just laughing at you for doing it – think of it like this, either way you’ll have brought yourself and them at least five seconds of JOY in the day.


~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Noemi says:

    This is great! We do it at our house too.My boyfriend and I will just start dancing out of no whete our kids would say we are weird
    Now they do it too. Never really thought of bringing it to work.I will try it at work.

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